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  1. Last’ week’s “code red for humanity” got me thinking – ironically – about happiness. What makes you happy? Actually, let’s back up. What IS happiness, that feeling of positive lightness that makes the world seem rosy? “Hap” is the Middle English word for “chance, luck, a chance occurrence”. Sounds about right. “Happy” is defined as …
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  2. The audio, slides and edited video of our review Coming of Age: People, Organisations, Countries, The World are shared here. Please enjoy. The main talk begins after 13 minutes. Audio only:
  3. When the sun is shining and the breeze is warm so you stroll across the village green. It is where couples sit together on benches holding hands, families play on the grass and the town notice board is perused. Behind the noticeboard swings the gibbet and everyone notes the state of the corpse in their …
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  4. The maths of holonics and chaordism has been clarified. Breakthroughs in the field of stochastic analysis using “regularity structures” are shedding light on the ordered randomness of natural phenomena, eg behaviour of the stirring a cup of tea, the growth of a forest fire, or the spread of a water droplet that has fallen on …
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  5. In conversation with Leiko Uchiyama, Master Felter Please enjoy the experience and perspectives of Leiko Uchimaya who has generously shared them in this conversation. Meeting Ms Uchiyama for the first time, we were welcomed in to her felt workshop, an old farm shed in the foothills of Mount Leinster, where we quickly set up the …
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  6. Wisdom and passion from Helen and Lorraine who brought Thrive Cafe to Tullow. THANK YOU! Amazing people…
  7. A fundamental shift in behaviour is occurring. Will it continue?
  8. Below is the edited footage from our webinar/livestream conversation on 22 May 2020.
  9. Is sex life?Is existence life?Is consciousness life?


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