Your rotting brain.

The headline “smoking rots brain” looked ominous.  Skimming through the article pointed to a couple of studies about the rate of cognitive decline and the influence of age, diet, exercise and smoking.

The story indicated that brains start to decline from about the age of 45 and lifestyle has a big impact on the rate of deterioration.  Especially smoking, which raises the likelihood of stroke, heart attack or other sudden terminal breakdown in the functioning of your body.

Now, maybe you don’t have to be perfect, after all life is for living.  My brain’s probably already half gone! But it’s good to know what you’re getting yourself into so you can make better choices before it’s too difficult or too late.


Study by King’s College published in Journal of Age and Ageing: Cardiovascular risk factors and cognitive decline in adults aged 50 and over: a population-based cohort study

BBC: Smoking ‘rots’ brain

BBC: Heavy smoking ‘ups dementia risk’

BBC: Obesity ‘hastens brain decline’

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100 million deaths in the 20th century - thanks to the cigarette!

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