Whoops! A big picture story.

A story about the search for truth, the meaning of life and the answer to everything.  Finally an edition that is readable.  It might have a few typos which will be removed as we find them, but the important bits read well enough.

Enjoy free chapters on-line:

The Meaning of Life

Clarifying the Big Picture

And buy the pdf of the whole book for € 5 here.

Initial reader’s comments include:



Makes you think.



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3 thoughts on “Whoops! A big picture story.”

  1. Well Tom, all I can say reading it has been quite an humbling experience for me. Through A Big Picture Story you have achieved more in thought and action than most of us will do in a few lifespans. A detailed documentation of an incredible life journey…..with, I hope, lots more to come. Alas, I miss the reckless abandon of the Tom I knew twenty years ago….. the one I knew who drove my Suzuki jeep in Hong Kong as if there was no tomorrow for any us and the world be damned! And now he devotes his life to ensuring that there is a tomorrow on earth for all our children. The irony of it all!!

  2. “If you can share a belief that what you are doing is logical, true and is going to be a great addition to the world, then the intensity of focus you can apply and the truth you can convey to others to join you on that mission is complete”. Andrew Forrest, Founder of FMG, Australia’s third biggest miner.

    Thought this quote captures the spirit behind A Big Picture Story quite well.

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