Who governs FIFA? Alcohol and sports are not compatible.

It is outrageous that FIFA, sponsored by Budweiser,  is demanding the Brazilian government change their law banning alcohol at matches.

Soccer is soccer.  Fans might like to have a pint while watching teh game in their local, but thousands of intoxicated men in confined spaces – that’s just stupid.  Anyone who has seen crowd violence knows that it’s not worth the injury and death that will inevitably result.

FIFA and Budweiser are setting a bad example.  Don’t let greed get in the way of sense.

Let the Brazilian government give the red card to FIFA and Budweiser and send them off for unsporting behaviour.

BBC Beer ‘must be sold’ at Brazil World Cup, says Fifa


PS: Isn’t it interesting how this innocent issue touches big subjects like geopolitics, money, health and lifestyles?!

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