Twitter watching government watching us.

Another example of unethical behaviour by government (USA in this case) – they demand to know about our every action, but won’t even tell us that they are looking at our personal files.

This news comes from Twitter who is sueing the government for demanding private data (which is bad enough) while refusing to allow the people whose data is being scoured to know.  It sounds a bit like “entrapment” and worse is simply sinister.  For most people it sounds like a dictatorship or similar.

I thought that society had agreed a millennium ago that government is for the people not that the people are for the government.  We’re still trying to get there because we don’t choose to deand transparency and straight dealings.

On the subject of which, why should we give any authority to an organisation that spends $120,000 on a man looking at porn?  It’s mad.  And it’s compounded by the fact that he’s still got his job, but doesn’t even have to show up at work.  The excuse?  “Procedure.”  WTF!  Then the “procedure” is corrupt.  And there’s no excuse.  Get it right.

BBC: Twitter sues US government over spying

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