US EPA intent on poisoning Americans

While the USDA fails to enforce organic standards, the EPA has decided to liberate a vile toxin on the American countryside.  The EPA approved a new chemical fumigant, methyl iodide, for use on food crops across the US. The pesticide vaporises quickly, allowing it to drift far distances. Although the state of California has categorized it as cancer causing, and the EPA admits it causes thyroid tumors, the Bush Administration has been advocating approval of the fumigant for the better part of two years. In a letter to the EPA leading chemists asked EPA not to approve methyl iodide without further scientific review. The chemical has been used to induce cancer in laboratory experiments and causes neurological and thyroid problems, as well as miscarriages in studies with laboratory animals. Farmworkers, families, rural workers, and the food supply will now be subjected to exposure to the carcinogen unless the EPA revokes the approval immediately.

It is depressing that the organisations vested with responsibility to protect us, succumb to greed and the persuasion of lobbyists.  Ask for clean food from your grocery or supermarket before you find yourself in hospital.


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