The United States of Advertising and our dysfunctional perspective

This funny article and video clip give a good insight in to the difficulty we all face of having a sensible and balanced view of our world.

The author mainly discusses the differences between advertising in the US and elsewhere, such as the promotion of prescription drugs – “if your doctor isn’t prescribing this, ask for it”!  But it also reflects on the psychological distortion of our perspective to which we are all subjected by advertising and movies.  Sure, there’s the educational benefit of TV and movies, but most viewers are so persuaded by the intense audio visual presentation that we just accept what we see as fact and reality, instead of the propaganda and fantasy that it is.  And because advertising and movies have become the principal conduit of education for most of us, the sad, dysfunctional distortion of our perspective becomes clear.

No wonder so many people are unhappy because they think TV is real and that they should be living like that – caked in cosmetics and living in a virtual reality, totally out of touch with nature.

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