The Story of Stuff

A great video and website on our material global society. It is particularly good for education from children to adults. It is simple in its presentation but covers a lot of ground. Its focus is on the US, but its very applicable to all rich consumers. An excellent presentation of the problems with our consumer economy and a foundation for finding solutions.

It doesn’t really have time to present a solution. But it does suggest Another Way to live. And of course the system that replaces our current system of living must evolve according to the decisions of you and me.

Without doubt the new system will mean that we don’t have the jobs and lifestyle that we do today. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, we can have a different lifestyle which doesn’t cost the earth AND which leaves us happy.

Though the website/video doesn’t tell us what the new world will look like, you can be sure that it will be more natural. And they do offer a list of 10 things to do another way.

To follow up on The Story of Stuff, read Cradle to Cradle, which shows how we can redesign our world from a linear consumption society to natural system without waste.  That deals with the physical and intellectual.  The spiritual change will come naturally from the good in us all.

You have to watch The Story of Stuff video.  It really is good. Download it here (54MB .mov file) or see it on The Story of Stuff website.

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