The 6 million dollar man becoming reality

The video and report linked here shows a monkey controlling a robotic arm via probes inserted into its brain. This certainly demonstrates the viability of robotic prosthetics (and probably some terrifying military applications).

But I wouldn’t want unnecessary probes in my head and our cousin primates don’t either. It would be better if human volunteers were used – they are probably enough people willing to take the pain of research in the hope of success as demonstrated by cancer and other patients experimenting with unapproved drugs.

(By the way, although reported just yesterday, this isn’t really news as it appears to have been done before:

Brain-controlled ‘robo-arm’ hope    18 Feb 05 , Monkey brains control robot arms   13 Oct 03, Monkey thoughts control computer   13 Mar 02.


Definitely time for some human experimentation.)

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