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The Cycle of Life, and Death.

This time of year has had special significance for millennia.


Because it is the end of the annual spiral to darkness and nature’s rebirth.  Solstice is a time of rejoicing because it means winter darkness is lifting, warmth will return,  and food will become available again.

New GrangeImagine you live 10,000 years ago, somewhere above latitude 45 or so, you would notice the lengthening of the days a couple of weeks after December solstice.  That meant you might survive.

Even 5,000 years ago communities had invested so much in understanding the solar cycle that farmers in the Boyne Valley, Ireland built New Grange, an 85 metre diameter stone  tomb, which has a light box which  illuminates a 19 metre long passage and chamber as the sun rises on solstice morning!  The solar bounce was important to their livelihoods.

No, this is not a morbid view.  It’s reality.  Facing reality gives truth to our lives. Continue reading The Cycle of Life, and Death.

A chapter on death

Well sub-chapter.  From Common Sense.

Death Is a Part of Life

As my subconscious filtered the idea that weaknesses in our systems
occurred when we ignored nature’s example, I realised that we found
it difficult to deal with death, although it was clearly a part of

Death was important because fearing it is difficult to rationalise.
We don’t want to talk about it. It is even difficult to say the
word. “So and so passed away”, not “died”. We hang
on to our stuff till the end, even beyond, instead of letting our
children take it, or letting it go where it would be appreciated. As
we get old, we fear the loss of the career we enjoyed building so
much that we ignore the opportunity to learn new skills, see new
places, or spend time with friends.

The reality of death seemed to be important to understanding the
meaning of life. It seemed incompatible that we have such
sensitivity to death and treat it as such a tragedy, but we kill all
the time. We kill for food and we kill for power. The realisation
that to eat meat you are killing all the time made me stop eating
meat. A meat-eater promotes the killing of young, sentient animals.
That had to stop immediately. State sponsored murder is even more
incomprehensible. Even if you don’t make the connection between the
muscle on your plate and the cow in the field, everyone must see the
connection between war and the death and dismemberment of people. We
had to deal with death more intelligently. Continue reading A chapter on death