South Ossetia, Georgia, Russia, US – a dirty mess

It is not esay to decipher what is going on in the “breakaway state of South Ossetia”.  You can draw your own conclusions by reading the various news reports and summaries in this section of the BBC news website.

It seems that the solution is for everyone to pull their fingers out of the pie and allow South Ossetia independence.  This will allow the people of that region to choose their own social and economic destiny.  There is no good reason for Georgia to hang on to the state, nor for Russia to be involved in any conflict, nor for the US to sponsor violence.

It is difficult for us to allow fragmentation of nation states.  But that is the way of the future.  Local communities interdependent on one another and aligned with a globally responsible ethic is the sustainable political destiny of humanity.

Moral hazard, bailing out the rich and more trouble to come.
Eat now for tomorrow there will be nothing

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