Say goodbye to elephants

Elephant More elephants are being killed each year than are being born.  There aren’t that many left anyway; maybe as many in the world as the number of people that live in the town you live in.

There’s not much to be done.  People think it’s OK to kill elephants, after all “they are a resource for humans to consume”.  Nevertheless it seems common sense to look after a valuable resource, but primitive instinct overrides common sense and we think its better to gobble them up before they’re gone.  C’mon people – get smart.

BTW, we also just found that we’ve made a massive freshwater amazonian fish extinct too.  Soon there’ll be little of nature’s wonder left…

Arapaima being carried out of the river on a man's shoulder'sBBC: Elephant poaching deaths reach tipping point in Africa

BBC: Giant Amazon fish ‘locally extinct’ due to overfishing


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