Regulation doesn’t work, but what else is there when people don’t care?

A report by the watchdog Natural England says many farmers responded  to impeding grassland protection laws by digging up their meadows before the tighter rules could be introduced.  Some 98% of English meadows have already been lost to intensive farming and the rate of loss nearly doubled after announcement that rules would be changed.

Rules don’t work.  People have to want to make a difference.  And if they can’t pay the rent unless they pollute, they’re going to pollute.  Farmers are like junkies on dope:  They must spray otherwise they won’t get subsidies and consumers won’t buy their produce, so they turn a blind eye to the poison simply to earn a living.

They won’t change their behaviour until we change our shopping habits and governments stop subsidising addicts to chemical sprays, GMO and other unnatural systems.

So it looks like we can say goodbye to buttercups forever.

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