Open management.

Being an advocate of open management systems, an article by Inc. Magazine: Why You Should Let Your Employees Do Whatever They Want, drew attention.

Caution, however, was raised by the tag line: “Focus and discipline are relics of 20th century business. Here’s what’s taking their place in the virtual, open source era”.  No, sadly, that would be foolish.

The author is focussed (see) on creativity, innovation and marketing, so the article’s tone is understandable.  But the message is garbled; “open source” is a reference to software used inappropriately in the sub-title.

Nevertheless, the essence of open management systems is captured when it says, “By letting your team do whatever they want, you’ll attract the best people with the best ideas.”

Yes, move to open management systems, but it is not an invitation to chaos and free loading.  Sometimes focus is important and discipline is welcome in any endeavour.

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