Kdenlive video editing is great.

I recently ventured into the world of digital video editing. It was a fun and easy journey thanks to kdenlive.

This software was installed with the package manager on a oss 10.3 x64 laptop. Configuration settings were checked (mostly keeping default values). A 3 minute video was loaded. Then it was cut in to segments and pasted together with transitions. A lead title clip was made (in kdenlive) and added. The result was exported to various formats including vob, avi and mpeg. You can see the avi result here.  Next time maybe I’ll play with sound or put in funky transitions … kdenlive does it all quickly and easily.

I also created a DVD disk from the vob file using DVD Styler – again a very simple process. This was ripped in DVDrip to produce an avi file which Yahoo! video is able to convert to flash for their video player. The end result is here.

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