Ignorance is not bliss when eating out

A report by the Uk Food Commission shows that information about ingredients and nutrition in restaurants, especially fast food, is woefully lacking. The report Ignorance is not bliss when eating out is here.  (Don’t get the munchies while you read it.)  It is interesting to see that simply having easy access to the calorie information, which is critical in our ballooning society, helps people adjust diet fast.

Natural Products sums up the issue:

The report, Ignorance is Not Bliss When Eating Out, says that nutritional information, particularly the calorie content of meals, should be clearly posted on menu boards in UK restaurant chains, in a bid to reduce the incidence of diet-related disease and the associated reduction in life expectancy.

The food campaign group says that in New York City, where prominent calorie labelling is now mandatory for large restaurant chains, consumers are reducing their average energy intake by about 100 calories when they choose a meal. In turn the fast food chains are reformulating products to reduce calorie content.

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