I don’t like being green/eco/ethical …

It’s just the way I am. So, I suppose, I do like being green/eco/ethical because I wouldn’t want to be the opposite.

But I find that that is how I’m labelled by others, and that’s a shame. It should be a minimum that people are green/eco/ethical. People should then be differentiated by their professional skills, attitudes and experience, their families and communities, their intellectual creations.

I don’t like being labelled as green/eco/ethical because it distracts from other things that define me. And it puts me in a certain group which is subject to so many prejudices, often not very flattering ones, that it reduces my opportunity to engage with everyone generally. It would be preferable to be defined by my family commitments, or my professional competencies and standards, or my creative approach to problem solving, or my willingness to share and compromise – all things that need work and development. Whereas being green/eco/ethical seems to be just the right way to be.

I hope that within a decade or two being green/eco/ethical will be a minimum standard for humanity and that people will be differentiated by more discerning metrics. That may seem naive in a world dominated by a culture of violence and greed. But that dominating culture is only held up by a small minority of people – our world leaders in whatever field you choose. Most people naturally tend to uphold values of care, honesty and modesty. It has been too easy for so many generations for immoral people to take advantage of others that we are left with a world dominated in media and culture by power and greed.

But that is changing. It must change for humanity and the biosphere to flourish. Humanity must exhibit the values of the majority; the values of compromise, sharing, love and compassion. Otherwise we will simply choose a virtual reality which can not actually be achieved. We will have eaten ourselves out of planet.

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