Hong Kong is not the Middle East, but …

These pictures make me sad.  Hong Kong people are wonderful and in a decade of living there I never felt threatened, not even in Kowloon’s Walled City (admittedly that was in the early 1990s).

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I believe people are still peaceful, but they are not careless and they want justice and equity, just like everyone else.  They are standing up to tear gas to keep personal and territorial freedoms.  And surely the police do not want to be harming other Hong Kong people.

This is a litmus test for the rule of law and future of China.  Xi must find another way.

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BusinessWeek’s coverage – Hong Kong’s Angry Protests: What Now?

I like that the people have called themselves: Occupy Central With Love and Peace. They are not protesters, they are normal people standing up to bullies.

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Webb-site: Beijing can say that the “Actual Situation in HK” has changed, or that it was misadvised on the Actual Situation, and the CE of HK can file a new report to Beijing on the Actual Situation, proposing retention of the 1/8 nomination threshold that allows genuine choice. Beijing could still reserve the power to reject the elected candidate … from Backchat


Twitter watching government watching us.
Irish anglers being fished by the state

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