Greenwash undermines green living – the 7 sins of greenwash.

Natural. Non-toxic. Biodegradable. It’s possible for manufacturers to cover a multitude of environmental sins with a carefully – if inaccurately – chosen word. And most of them do, as a US House of Representatives committee on greenwash recently found. 98% of the products claiming to be environmentally friendly are guilty of greenwash.

That in itself makes it very difficult for authentic businesses to succeed – because they are swamped by lies made by better funded incumbents. The Seven Sins of Greenwashing report assesses claims made by manufacturers keen to cash in on the growing popularity for environmentally friendly products and the conclusions are damning, if not surprising.

See the report on-line here. It’s an amusing website.

Greenwash taints most ‘eco-friendly’ claims, The Ecologist.

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