First cutting of hay – ahhhhhh, it’s summer time.

Started around 6 in the evening yesterday and took it slowly to avoid mistakes after winter inactivity.  Cut for about 4 hours.  Looking forward to turning and baling.  ‘Twas a lovely evening.

Hay is a foundation of civilisation.  Without it, animals can not last through the winter, making life difficult for humans too.

There are many types of grass.  The main ones are fescue (most predominant in the video), rye and timothy.   There are also herbs, like chicory and plantain, and clover.  And most of the weeds are not bad to eat, they can even be good, but if they are large leaved they can interfere with the curing and drying of the hay.  A mixed sward is the best feed – that’s what animals look for in the wild.  I’ve seen horse graze on nettles, brambles, oak, beech and even reeds!

Cosmic synchronicity in a hay field.
BT Notes: Spring is springing, Book, TV, Yoga, Hay.

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