Eat slowly to improve health and get fitter.

The British Medical Journal published research that supports the contention that eating food quickly makes you fatter.  The reason why is not yet confirmed but is thought to be to do with two principal mechanisms:

  • the process of digestion – which is unable to digest food properly as it flows down the alimentary canal: starting in the mouth, food does not have time to be masticated properly so that there is a smaller surface area upon which to act and then food is rammed through the canal and is not properly digested so calories are converted to fat immediately.  Pate de fois gras anyone?!
  • the hunger signalling mechanism – which has a slight lag in indicating satiation so fast eaters eat more that they need thereby requiring additional storage of calories as fat and also distending the stomach and digestive tract which then requires more food to be full.

So to live longer, eat more slowly (as well as less and mostly plants).

(The financial community could learn from this.)

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