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EU reports water wastage of 40%

EU leaders agree that up to 40% of water is being wasted by consumers, industry and farmers across Europe. The EU executive is calling for higher water prices and better implementation of existing water-management rules.

Commission’s latest report is here.

EU: 01 Septemeber Presidency Conclusions 

WWF: Freshwater page

Commission: Water policy website

Corporate attitudes to sustainability around the world

A new study by Harris Interactive explores attitudes toward sustainability among companies around the world. Their summary findings are:

  • Waste reduction is considered the most important environmental issue in the USA; Brazil; Italy; Germany and China. Korea and India place more importance on developing green/environmentally friendly products.
  • Overall, the use of renewable/cleaner energy sources is considered less important than waste reduction or developing green/environmentally friendly products.
  • Health and safety of employees, customers and suppliers is the most important driver of environmental and sustainability decisions in all countries except Korea, where the long term business sustainability was rated higher.
  • Overall, customers and the government are the two main influencers on a company’s sustainability and environmental decisions.

The study is easy to read with only four pages of graphics accompanied by explanations.

Seeing how big that company’s footprint is

The September issue of Inside Innovation offers a clutch of interesting articles as usual, but this graphic caught my eye because it so clearly shows the relatively massive impact industry can have on the biosphere. There is a small proviso though: the banks with the small footprints are the organisations that fund the chemical companies with the BIG footprints.