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Dealpedia – business deal info …

Michael Rbertson, founder of Linspire (formerly Lindows 🙂 ), has just launched Dealipedia – a business wiki for mergers, acquisitions, venture investments, IPO and other deals. Launching with nearly 20,000 deals, but also never before revealed info like how much Yahoo paid for Flickr, how much Google paid for Grandcentral and how much the founders of Myspace made in their sale to News Corp.  Check it out!

Emperor Qian Long to King George III

This link came across my desk and I share it because of my ties to Hong Kong and fondness for China.  It is the text of a famous letter from Emperor Qian Long sent to King George III at the height of Chinese civilisation in the 18th century.  China entered into a 200-year period of decline shortly afterwards. It’s a great reminder of the benefits of openness, and an entertaining read!