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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies

The nice thing about CBT is that it is all about self-help. It’s true that a coach or counsellor can help get you on your way, but for most of us, positive thinking can help. And it works. This book is worth a browse for parents and managers as well as those looking for a bit of self help. It’s an easy read and makes sense too.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies 4/5 stars.

Beijing Olympics 2008

If I could choose one Olympic games to attend in my life, Athens would be near the top of the, but Beijing would be number 1.

They will be a fabulous display by China and will demonstrate on an international stage the best qualities of Chinese culture. Sporting prowess will be seen certainly, but visitors and viewers will be shown the magnificence of an awakening dragon.

We have all benefited from the industrial revolution in China over the past three decades, through cheap clothes, electronics, building materials and more. The worldwide audience for the games will have the opportunity to see why it is preferable to embrace China than vilify it. Derogatory political initiatives from the west will not be forgotten and are, as always, out of place in this “amateur” sporting festival.

Enjoy the spectacle.

Beijing Olympics 2008 website

A guide to enjoying Beijing by BBC.

View of the Bird’s Nest Stadium from above.

The Story of Stuff

A great video and website on our material global society. It is particularly good for education from children to adults. It is simple in its presentation but covers a lot of ground. Its focus is on the US, but its very applicable to all rich consumers. An excellent presentation of the problems with our consumer economy and a foundation for finding solutions.

It doesn’t really have time to present a solution. But it does suggest Another Way to live. And of course the system that replaces our current system of living must evolve according to the decisions of you and me.

Without doubt the new system will mean that we don’t have the jobs and lifestyle that we do today. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, we can have a different lifestyle which doesn’t cost the earth AND which leaves us happy.

Though the website/video doesn’t tell us what the new world will look like, you can be sure that it will be more natural. And they do offer a list of 10 things to do another way.

To follow up on The Story of Stuff, read Cradle to Cradle, which shows how we can redesign our world from a linear consumption society to natural system without waste.  That deals with the physical and intellectual.  The spiritual change will come naturally from the good in us all.

You have to watch The Story of Stuff video.  It really is good. Download it here (54MB .mov file) or see it on The Story of Stuff website.

The 11th Hour

The documentary sponsored by Leonardo Di Caprio which seeks to raise awareness of the human footprint on our biosphere.

It is worth watching and will likely stimulate some new thinking even in experienced environmentalists.   It consists of many statements by a range of experts on the behaviour and consequences of humanity interwoven with striking visual images and narration by Di Caprio.  It is predominantly environmental, but also touches on the cultural and spiritual dimensions.

While this presentation will help educate and raise awareness among those who are willing to listen, its impact on “Exxon thinkers” remains questionable.  But then again, what is going to change these  people?  Change must come from within, so it will probably only be personal crisis such as a heart attack or a child turning out differently to expectations, that will catalyse change in them.

I also make the same recommendation that I’ve made for other change movies – make it free and sponsor its distribution to get the message circulated quickly.  But Warner Brothers is not likely to follow that strategy.

Order from or

Instructables – how to do anything

Check out this great site  It offers instructions on how to do or build useful things.  It’ll be enjoyed by “boys”, but also craftspeople, DIYers, people on a budget, people who can’t get cool stuff in their neighbourhood and people who are trying to reuse and recycle or just live with less.  Examples include how to build an electric motorbike, a windmill, a “chicken tractor”, bicycle generator and more.  Give your children some instructions and parts instead of time in front of the TV.  Check it out!

Charles Darwin on-line

Some of the notes of Charles Darwin were first put on-line in October 2006. Today they become more complete with the addition of the first draft of the book which changed the world’s attitude to evolution.   The draft notes are among 20,000 archive items created by the 19th Century naturalist during his lifetime, which include the first draft of his theory of evolution, notes from the voyage of the Beagle and Emma Darwin’s recipe book.  They were previously only available to scholars at Cambridge University’s library.    The website of Charles Darwin’s Papers On-line is here and a good place to start browsing is this page. Enjoy!