Buzz the fat off!

Strange results from research on physiological condition of test subjects to low intensity vibration suggest that mice placed on the vibrating platform convert fat to bone. It reminds me of those extraordinary “exercise belts” prominent in the 70s in which people would stand to have their tummy fat vibrated away! It sounded a bit lazy and more gimmick than science. But maybe the vibrating platform works. It makes sense that bones are growing while fat is diminishing since the bones would need to be strengthened to take the “strain”, and energy consumption by the subject would consume fat. Maybe we’ll have vibrating chairs for fat cat managers soon! But I’d rather get my vibrations by biking along a mountain path.

One thought on “Buzz the fat off!

  1. I’d got the route of the vibrations! Could get a lot of TV watching done while battling osteoporosis… Mind you, the device would have to be powered by a renewable energy source, otherwise it would not appeal to the growing sustainability-aware populace.

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