A war of virtual imperial powers

It seems that the political dynamic of our world remains dominated by tension between imperial powers. The primitive psychology is the same as any caricature of Romans, Huns or Brits, but the banners under which they march are not so tangible. Today the powers are virtual. They are fighting for minds and souls, rather than land. Who are the players? Capitalism, America and GWB versus Islam, Al Qaeda and OBL seem to be the protagonists. Unfortunately neither side is right; they both advocate the same misguided objective of exclusive power: “We are right, you are wrong.”

It is a battle without winners, everyone must lose. If you are on either side you are contributing to greed and hate. To be right you will think for yourself. You will not be partisan, but holonic. You will agree to disagree, but not fight over it. You would rather walk away than join in battle. When there are more people who can step back from confrontation, the energy for battle will wane. Then our energies can be more wholly committed to managing humanity in a globally responsible way.


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