5 feet of snow and zero degrees in every US state. “I’m not a scientist”, but that’s not normal.

Freezing temperatures were recorded across all 50 US states, including Florida and Hawaii, and a massive snowstorm dumped 5 feet of snow in the Buffalo area (North East US).

Snow covers a street at daybreak in Buffalo

It’s pretty.  But deadly.  So far 7 people are dead.  Three had heart attacks while shovelling snow – which is a sad commentary on health, diets and fitness.  Please be careful if you’re not a bit fit.

This weather is a month early.  Maybe it’ll warm up in a day or so.  Maybe it’ll get damn cold again soon.  You can be sure that it’s not predictable and it’s another sign of climate volatility that is beyond our control.

We need to start listening to nature and living within it’s laws.

BBC: Deadly snowstorm hits northern US

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