20% of plants risk extinction.

If that doesn’t sound bad, then its worse.  No plants = no animals.

Normally we migt be shocked to hear that 20% of mammals face extinction, even though they tend to be less resilient than plants.  Hearing that 20% of plants are at risk is a loud warning – that kind of hole in the food web could disrupt nature in a season or two.

Don’t put it down to sensationalism by the IUCN – there is no time for sensationalism.  It is just a depressing legacy that we are responsible for this degradation of nature, this hole in life.

BBC  One-fifth of world’s plants at risk of extinction


New study shows over one fifth of the world’s plants are under threat of extinction

Banking, Budgets, Inflation, Food prices

Four degrees of separation?  I just browsed through three links that interested me and suddenly noticed that they drew the banking crisis and the food crisis (which is barely on many people’s radar) together.

Here it is:

US banking system ‘open to abuse’ One of the US’s top fraud investigators is warning that America’s policing of money laundering is wide open to abuse.

EU wants sanctions to punish budget rebels The EU aims to make the tougher budget controls law next year. The action was prompted by Greece’s budget crisis.

Eurozone inflation hits 20-month high Across all 27 nations in the European Union, prices were up 2.1% in July, compared with a rise of 1.9% in June.

Food price rises are growing concern The latest figure, for August, is 26% up from last year’s low.  the FAO describes the cost of staple foods as “stubbornly high”. And the agency says the financial crisis is “straining the ability of the poor to cope”.

The moral? Eat better (less hydrogenated oil, less high fructose corn syrup, more fresh) and enjoy it, while you can.  And grow some veg in your window box.