A Big Picture perspective is about stepping back from yourself to see the full spectrum of existence, from subatomic to universal, including physical and metaphysical.

This perspective is not tied to your personal view of the world but recognises the interconnectedness of all existence, of which you are a part.  It respects the similarities of seemingly discrete entities which in fact all must follow the laws of nature, from the particles that make up atoms, to the atoms that make up life and the universe.

The term holonic is used to describe this model.  It is greater than holistic, which is one perspective within the full spectrum of views.  A holonic perspective embraces all colours of the spectrum, and the energy above and below the light spectrum.

This Big Picture perspective is not easy to grasp because we are all nurtured in a specific culture which moulds our perspective.  In order to see beyond our own prejudices, we must give them up, or at least be prepared to do so, and recognise that what are seen as differences between people become similarities when you realise that we are all the same, and it is a culture or meme which shaped your different perspective.  Your mind becomes open to the idea that "All is one".  And the reality that truth is a law of nature - universal laws do not change.

the noopshere - planet brainThis perspective has become more accessible as the interconnectedness of people and ideas has blossomed with the growth of information and communication technology.  The physical connections allow ideas to flow around the world, among people from all cultures, in an instant.  This rapid sharing of ideas has manifested the noosphere - the brain of humanity.

A Big Picture approach uses a combination of physical and psychological techniques to identify issues, solve problems, create new ideas, all with a common theme of working within the laws of nature, rather than trying to control these universal truths.  Because the approach is universal the underlying system applies to individuals, groups, and enterprises.  Because they reflect universal laws, they are powerful, efficient and effective.

We can help you see the Big Picture and acquire holonic technology to develop yourself, your family, your enterprise and your community.  It is not religion, it is science. And it works.